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RV & Custom Mattresses

Custom Mattresses
Custom size, shapes and comfort preferences available. Please call our mattress experts are 541-343-2690 or visit our store to try out more than 100+ mattresses that can be customized!

Choose from:
Memory/Gel Memory foam, Latex, Hybrid or coil.

Measurements you will need to know before choosing your mattress:

- Length and width of your current mattress or frame/platform setup the mattress will be on so we can be exact with the measurements.
- Radius or curved corners/sides

- Height preferences/restrictions due to tip out or shelving in the space

Things to think about as far as comfort level:

- Do you prefer firmer or softer mattresses?
- Do you have a preference of type of mattress?
(coil, memory/gel memory foam or hybrid)

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